Waterproof Connectors

SGConn®, for Singatron's IP65~68 Waterproof Connectors

SGConn® provides all series of IP65~68 waterproof Connectors and segments served include marine electronics, outdoor displays, outdoor lighting, communications for outdoor solutions, industrial automations and light electronic vehicles. SGConn® supports products and it's also built to the specifications and fufills RoHS Compliance, UL, VDE, NMEA 2000 and major worldwide safety requirements.

Circular Waterproof Connectors  IP66, IP67, IP68 Waterproof Protection,
Mini Size/ Standard Size/ Middle Size/ Large Size

Circular Waterproof Connectors

Circular (Quick Lock) Waterproof Connectors  IP66, IP67 Waterproof Protection,
Hook-Lock Connector/ Push-Lock Connector

Waterproof Connectors

M-Series Waterproof Connectors  IP67, IP68 Waterproof Protection,
M5. M8 Series/ M12 Series

Waterproof Connectors

RJ45 Waterproof Connectors (CAT-5e/ CAT-6)  IP67 Waterproof Protection

RJ45 Waterproof Connectors

USB Waterproof Connectors (Type-A/ Type-B)  IP67 Waterproof Protection

USB Waterproof Connectors

USB Charger Waterproof Connectors  IP67 Waterproof Protection

USB Waterproof Connectors

Cable Gland/ Cable Joint Waterproof Connectors  IP67 Waterproof Protection

Cable Gland Waterproof Connectors

NMEA2000 Waterproof Connectors IP67 Waterproof Protection

NMEA2000 Waterproof Connectors

LEV (e-bike) Waterproof Connectors  IP66, IP67 Waterproof Protection

LEV Waterproof Connectors
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View Picture P/N View Picture Product Name Connector Style Gender (Connector/Pin) Current Rating No. of Pins IP Rating 2D Draw
NMEA2000 Connector, Power T Cable
NMEA 2000 certificated
5 Pins
IP 67