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Singatron was first established in 1976, focusing on the development and manufacturing of a variety of connectors. We are committed in providing high quality, best lead time and competitive price to our customers. Through years of hard work we have built up a reputation as a good supplier. We continue to deploy our manufacturing facilities and resources as we believe that we can be close to our customers so as to provide better services to them.

Product Line

Singatron Technology Co., Ltd. is a global leader in Waterproof Connector, LEV(e-bike) Connector, D-Sub Connector for the businesses of today and tomorrow. If you are looking for Waterproof Connector or something like this, come to contact us, we will offer you the high quality products at best price.

Singatron is major brand in the supply of Electrical Connectors for global laptop industries.

Singatron is a global specialized manufacturer in the development and supply of connectors that are used in a multiplicity of applications and are specific to the following industry groups include consumer electronics, portable devices, networking, marine electrionics, outdoor displays, outdoor lighting, communications for oudoor solutions. Singatron is major brand in the supply of DC Power Jack and Audio Jack for global laptop industries.     ......More

sgconn waterproof connector

SGConn®, for Singatron's IP65~68 Waterproof Connectors

SGConn® provides all series of IP65~68 waterproof Connectors and segments served include marine electronics, outdoor displays, outdoor lighting, communications for outdoor solutions, industrial automations and light electronic vehicles. SGConn® supports products and it's also built to the specifications and fufills RoHS Compliance, UL, VDE, NMEA 2000 and major worldwide safety requirements.     ......More

sgconn waterproof connector

Product Applications

Portable Devices Portable Devices Personal Computers Personal Computers Digital Home Digital Home network Networking
戶外影音設備 Outdoor Displays 戶外照明系統 Outdoor Lighting 工業自動化設備 Industrial Automations 船舶電子應用 Marine Electronics
electric vehicle Light Electric Vehicle Outdoor Communication Outdoor Communications Security Devices Security Devices Test&Measurement Test&Measurement


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Our company is a reliable Electronic Supplies manufacturer in Taiwan, specializing in Waterproof Connector, LEV(e-bike) Connector, D-Sub Connector for many years. Waterproof Connector is one of our main products, featuring its durable quality and high performance. If you need any catalog, please contact Singatron Technology Co., Ltd. support team.