Consumer Electronic Connectors

Audio Jack, DC Jack, USB3.0, USB2.0, RJ45, HDMI, Battery Connectors

IP67/IP68 Waterproof Connectors

Circular, M5/M8/M12 Series, USB, RJ45 for Outdoor applications

LEV (e-bike) Connectors

for Battery Charger, Controller, Indicator and Motor

Connectors for networking equipments

RJ45 Transformer, HDMI, USB Connectors

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Visit Singatron's booth A15-5 at Int'l Automotive Electronics Technology Expo 2020)

Visit Singatron's booth A15-5 at Int'l Automotive Electronics Technology Expo 2020) in Tokyo

Visit Singatron's booth B2-112 at electronica 2018 in Munich, Germany.

See waterproof connectors with IP66~IP68 protection and advanced electrical connectors.
About Singatron Singatron Group Since 1976, the Specialized Connector Manufacturer. Total manpower exceeds 2000 staffs.

Corporate Overview

Singatron Group was first established in Hsinchu, Taiwan in 1976. Since 2000, Singatron established China plants in both Suzhou and Chungshan to satisfy customers demand in Greater China area. Application segments served include marine electronics, outdoor displays, outdoor lighting, outdoor communications, industrial automation and light electronic vehicles.

Worldwide Singatron

Singatron works with its customers and focuses on innovation, and development to provide high quality connectors, professional support, and competitive pricing to the global electronics industries. Singatron not only has established facilities in Greater China Area but also provides worldwide service network in Taiwan, China, Singapore, USA, Canada and Europe. ....


Singatron is a global specialized manufacturer in the development and supply of connectors that are used in a multiplicity of applications and are specific to the following industry groups include consumer electronics, portable devices, networking, marine electrionics, outdoor displays, outdoor lighting,...


Singatron's connectors support products and initiatives that promote environmental consciousness, 5S & Six Sigma Lean Behaviors with team work, honesty and integrity. It's also built to the highest quality and specifications and fufills European Union regulations for RoHS, UL, VDE, NMEA 2000 and major worldwide safety requirements.

Electrical Connectors Singatron is major brand in the supply of Electrical Connectors for global laptop industries.
Consumer Electrical Connectors
SINGATRON is major brand with over 40 years experiences in the supply of DC Power Jack and Audio Jack for global laptop industries, consumer electronics, portable devices, networking...
USB 3.1 Type-C
Singatron USB3.1 Type-C Connector offers reversible plug and cable connection and supports high current rating and power delivery up to 100W. Not only similar size to USB 2.0 Micro-B but also high speed up to 20 Gb/s .....
RJ/ Transformer Connectors
RJ9/ RJ11/ RJ45/ Transformer series products are specific to applications for consumer electronics, networking, communications, IoTs devices, and security equipments and these feature POE and Surge.
WATERPROOF CONNECTORS SGConn® provides all series of IP65~68 waterproof Connectors and segments served include marine electronics, outdoor displays, outdoor lighting, communications for outdoor solutions, industrial automations and light electronic vehicles.
M12 X-Code 2MT3704
M12 Panel Mount with 8 pins/ 0.5A, Application for Industrial Automations.
2QT30XX/ 2QM30XX
Push lock and Quick release, Reliable connection exceeded 3,000 times.
Power Input Voltage DC 12V/24V/48V and Output 5V/4.2A, 5V/4.8A.
2CJ3001/ 2CJ3002
Field installation connectors provide both I-Type and T-Type with 1-4 positions.
More Waterproof Connectors

IP67 Marine Electronics Connectors

NMEA2000 Certified

IP67 Outdoor Display & Billboard


IP67/IP68 for Industrial Automation


LEV (e-bike) Connectors